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Picture Frames for your Funeral Home

At Funeral Home Graphics we are proud to be offering a selection of picture frames exclusively for your funeral home. Materials and construction have been developed and sourced to make a suitable frame for display, to meet your workflow needs and provide value to your business.

How can you use Funeral Home Graphics' Frames at your Funeral Home?

1) Decor

Your business has a number of functional framing needs within your funeral home. Hanging your educational credentials, Funeral Directors License, business license, etc. Applications that require semi-frequent changing. FHG Frames are ideal for these applications and we have a selection of mouldings to suit your decor.

2) Emergency Framing

What happens when a family walks in with a last minute essential photo? Its on their phone, needs to be scanned or just an old lose photo difficult to display. Having a few frames on site are handy for this, print the photo and put it in a frame and your are ready to display.

3) Directory

Multiple visitation rooms or chapels can be confusing for visitors, using one of our directory frames will help people know where to go. The open back design and photo sleeve option allows for a quick change of the information.

5) Gifts/Keepsakes

FHG Frames can custom design a keepsake frame for you to present your families with following your services. We can include verses, poems and quotes on decorative matting that can provide comfort to your families as a lasting keepsake.

6) Merchandise

Sell picture frames in your selection room, you never know when a family may need one, and if they do, its better for them to get it from you than from the local big box retailer.

7) Include in Stationery Packages

Picture frames have a lot of functional use, by including them in your stationery packages, you have a frame that can be used for display at services (over the register book, on memorial table beside urn etc). After the services the frame can be given to the family.

7) Donate

Community groups are always looking for silent auction donations. We can design, print and frame a custom design, photo or layout that could be used for this application. Not necessarily a funeral use - but a quality item that represents your funeral home in the community.

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